I downloaded and installed program to Windows 10, end of 2017. I started working with it. When downloading a second batch from my bank the program wouldn’t proceed. So I deleted the program and attempted to download and re-istall the program.
Everytime when it starts re-installing it is giving following message (translated):
the specified account already exists.
When I check the computer it can only find the program in the ‘download’ map.
Please advise.

What do you mean by this? A second batch of what? Are you referring to downloading a bank statement? If so, this has nothing to do with Manager. If you are referring to importing a bank statement you have already downloaded, did you follow instructions here: Manager Cloud?

You should not have deleted the program first. Updates or re-installations should be performed exactly the same way as the original installation, without deleting first. The installation process takes care of the old version automatically.

Please post a screen shot of the actual error message.

  • I followed exacly the guides instruction( downloading bank statements), just like before when it did work.
  • After the program stopped, the only thing i couldt do is changing from settings.
    no changings of cash amounts or something. I tried to ‘update/re-instal’. nothing happend.
    Then i removed the program and tried to re-install it
  • see screenshotI Manager%20schermprint