RBI Recurring transaction Problem

I am an Indian User and As per the new RBI (Reserve bank of India) Rules automatic recurring transactions are stopped. Kindly read up on it.

I want to use cloud edition but because of your subscription model and only card mode of payment i am unable to do so.

Also read up on UPI Payment system


It’s highly unlikely for Manager to start supporting local payment protocols but I’m curious about this recurring payments ban thing.

Does this mean that you can’t use credit cards for online payments at all?

We can use credit cards - but automatic payment deduction is banned. We have to reinitiate payment every-time or authenticate it by a OTP or something. This means automatic subscriptions are out of the window. Even apple has used UPI for balance Top up.

Apple is a trillion dollar corporation, no wonder they’re able to do that.

Anyway, this must be seen by @lubos.

@lubos @Tut Kindly look into this.

Adding a additional payment gateway is not something only a trillion dollar company can do.

Decided to leave this up to you and those that already replied. So far I have not seen any support to any payment gateway even though I would not be against it, but we only use Manager for tax accounting and it is doing great at that!

Manager supports a large number a jurisdictions and is very competitively priced.

When a feature is suggested it needs at addresses the needs of all jurisdictions not just one user or one jurisdiction.

The cost of adding a payment gateway is not just a gateway to a single Indian bank. It is many many gateways to financial institutions all across the globe.

Not an impossible task but that would require targeting a different accounting software market / price point.

I suspect you are also requiring Manager discontinue the desktop and private server product lines (to achieve the required software control).

I am fine with Manager as it is. No need for payment gateways etc as there are many alternatives. I like how Manger helps the businesses we support to deal with their tax commitments.