Ransomware Warning - HELP!

On opening Manager to enter a receipt my Acronis anti malware and backup system produced this scary message - 43 files affected by what seems to be Ransomware via Manager Desktop - I’m bricking it - Anyone had this previously. I don’t know what to do for the best - any advice welcome!

As long as you downloaded Manager from the official site, nothing came from Manager. Very likely, you have a false alarm from the anti-malware program. You will not be able to get any help on this forum. You should contact the maker of your anti-malware program.

If you downloaded the software from the official Manager website, then I would say that this is a false negative

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Thanks. I downloaded Manager from manager.io. I’ve been using manager for a couple of months. Love it. Easy to get to grips with. I moved my whole accounts system onto it. I have MacAffee Livesafe and Acronis True Image backup and Anti Malware. I’ve rebooted the PC and am running a full A/V deep scan. Hopefully you are right and it’s a false trigger.
My commercial life flashed before my eyes. That was so scary. I have a good backup system so I can completely revert to last night if need be. Phew.

Make sure to also store those backups on a separate drive/computer. You will want to be able to access them even if your current computer stops working or is stolen, and cannot be recovered.

A separate building/address is better. In case the building is burnt to the ground, you still want to be able to recover important data and documents.

Good thought. I used Acronis True image on an external 4Gb drive. Clones the PC completely and I could recover to a new PC in 20 minutes BUT the external drive is in the same room as the PC so I may need to rethink that. Lock it in the firesafe maybe…

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@Flymofo I use Microsoft OneDrive which comes free with a Microsoft account and has 5GB of free storage to start with. The folders on your PC are replicated in real time in the cloud, so those files will always be available. Plus, you can access them from any PC or smartphone any time. This is where I put my backups.

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