Question about stock items

Hello everyone i had a question about stock items.

I have a stock supply of 27 pieces of a certain material. I’am in finance control of a club. Now we dicided to sponsor 2 pieces of the stock to our members. so they don’t have to pay for this pieces. If i make a sales order for 2 pieces at a value of € 0,00 the program won’t take them of my stock supply. so in other words there should be 25 pieces in stock, but the program still says there are 27 pieces in stock.

How could i get these 2 pieces which we sponsored out of our stock?

Hope someone can help me with this.

THNX and sorry for my bad english.



You have two choices:

  1. Use a zero value Sales Invoice (not Sales Orders) and the stock should reduce.
  2. Activate the Stock Write Off tab (under customise) - but only if you need it regularly

THNX. did it with the second option. but still a question about the first option. this doesn’t seem to work. If i make a sales invoice (verkoopfactuur in dutch) and then put 2 pieces on them at a sales price of zero, than it won’t reduce my stock. that’s the way i intnded to do it and tried to do it, but that didn’t work.

THNX again.

Make sure your software is updated. There was an issue that may be related that was recently fixed.

Please also heed @Brucanna’s advice to use sales invoices. Sales orders have no impact on accounting records or results.

@remyvandemortel it works ok with edition 16.7.19 - tot ziens

Hello everyone, I do have a similar question. We are just starting to use the programme and we created a few sale invoices. Unfortunately the amount of items in stock we have doesnt get the update and we would like it to be automatically removed from the quantity when we sell them and do the invoice. Could you please give me more info or a guide with steps to follow ? Thank you so much in advance

Read the Guides here and then ask specific questions