Quantity on hand not working correctly

I have a number of items I purchased last year using the payments tab that did not work correctly and I am trying to straighten it out, but it’s not working as expected. I don’t know which version of the program I was using at the time, but these purchases were made in the fall of 2021 and I have since updated to the latest version.

From the attached screen shot, the first seven items with Qty to Receive as 1 appear to have everything correct and the same as other purchases, and the one just below them Item code 5084 was the same way, but I changed from supplier to Other, and it cleared the Qty to receive. The two other items below that do not show any number in the Qty to receive column and were bought and sold at the beginning of this year, so after the ones in question. I would prefer to keep my purchases under the supplier category correct in case I need to search for something in the future.

I went back and deleted the payment entry and recreated it to see if it would clear, but it didn’t change anything. I tried using the recommendations of other threads to use item total price instead of unit price, but neither worked. Is there anything I can try besides changing my supplier to “other”? I don’t use purchase orders, everything I purchase is done with credit cards through the payments tab.

You did not provide sufficient information to definitely diagnose our problem. But I would begin by looking at the inventory item definitions for those items. If you checked the box to track the quantity to receive, you must create goods receipts to record their arrival. But you do not even have the Goods Receipts tab enabled. Is it possible you once did but since disabled it? That would interfere with your ability to enter the necessary goods receipts, but the transaction may still be awaiting such a goods receipt in order to clear. You may have to temporarily enable the tab in order to see all related information.

I didn’t know what information to include, so figured I would start with what I knew.

Adding goods receipts cleared the qty to receive, but that is not something I want to do all the time. I don’t recall enabling that in the past, so not sure if or how that might have been enabled at the time of these purchases. I found one from a couple years ago too that is stuck in receiving limbo.

Maybe I experimented with that in the past and just don’t recall doing that. What is confusing is I deleted the record and reentered it with goods receipts definitely not enabled, and it didn’t change. I would have thought if the reason it was not being received was the goods receipt would have been eliminated by deleting the record and redoing it without that enabled.

Hopefully since I used goods receipts to clear these, I don’t have to do that all the time now. I’m trying to clean things up to reduce the amount of work needed and not increase it. Thanks for your help, that seems to have cleared the issue for now, but keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t create more work for me, otherwise I might just try deleting all the records for those purchases and reentering them.

The need for goods receipts is not related to the purchase transaction. It is controlled by a setting on the individual inventory item’s Edit page.

Unfortunately, if that was the cause, you will, unless you modify your inventory item definitions.

Again, this is not related to the purchase records, but the inventory item definitions.

There was not an option for quantity to receive in the inventory items until I enabled the goods receipt. Once enabled, I saw it was selected on a whole bunch of item numbers that I haven’t had the need to purchase as well and was able to deselect it in the inventory items, and that removed it from the inventory tables. I then deleted the goods receipt records and removed that as an option, so if I come across this again, I will know how to fix it.

Thanks for your help, your comments steered me in the right direction to find the solution that I was missing.