QR Code

Ok I have read so much on here about it and clicked on every link to try and find out how to get my dynamic QR code in my invoices. I even tried to copy someone’s code but it was in a different country and I could not read it . Now I am totally confused
I am using the latest desktop version.

The QR code is part of the localization package that comes for each country.

If the QR is required by law and a localization was written by community contribution for that country it should appear automatically once you select your localization in Business Details screen.

Refer to this guide for more details:

Oh No it is not a law so I guess I will have to wait. Thanks for answering :grinning:

You could adapt the code indicated by @nabilb in this post to your specific data.

Hi Mark I saw that but it had some different language in it and I dont know enough to change it.

You can either leave or delete the foreign language parts 'cos they have no impact.