"Purchase Report","Age Receivable Due to daily Report"

No.1, “Purchase Reporting”, we needed to purchase reported for users.
No.2, “Age Receivable”, we needed to daily “Due Daily Receivable” reporting for users.
No.3, “Inventory Transfer”, we needed to " A inventory transfer to B inventory but A inventory location changed to B inventory location"
No.4, “Production Order”, we needed to "Production progress input material “A” to output material “B”,“C” & “D”.
Please help me! For Accounting & Accountant.Actual required added to software.

Create a custom report.

There is an Aged Receivables report in the Reports tab. You can edit the date. You can also export the Sales Invoices tab, which includes payment status.

Use the Inventory Transfer tab. See https://www.manager.io/guides/10707.

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No.3, “Inventory Transfer” it is transfer locate, but i need “inventory 1 to inventory 2” transfer.

No.1, “Custom Report” is not completed for “Purchase Report”, I try custom report but it is not include payable amount.so I need to analysis report. thank

Yes it does. You must understand, however, that general ledger transactions are reported on a line by line basis, not combined totals.

If you are referring to using one item to produce another, use production orders. See https://www.manager.io/guides/7767.

Purchase Report : Example:
(Pr No./ Pr Date/ Description/ Item/ Qty/ Price/ Amount.)

Inventory Transfer : Example:
(Inventory A to Inventory B with Cost)

Production Order : Example:
(Initial Inventory A + B + C = Finished Inventory D)

Export : Example:
(Exported to Excel File)

Please Please Please additional Setting

In some cases, your questions have already been answered. In others, I don’t know what you mean. And what additional setting are you requesting? You need to be clearer. It seems like you may not be comfortable in English, so I recommend using a translation program. Completely explain yourself in your language, then translate to English. Paste the English translation into the forum.

Purchase Reporting “Purchase Invoice total by Item”
Production Order “Bill of materials 01 to Finished Items 02, 03”
Inventory Transfer " Inventory 01 Transfer to Inventory 02 with costing"

@Mmtm_Staff, your last post was not helpful. Please follow my earlier advice and explain more completely.