Purchase Invoices export missing Supplier Code

Edition: Desktop edition
Platform: MacOS Catalina
Version: 20.6.39

In earlier versions, when I did an export from Purchase Invoices, the Supplier used to have the format <Supplier Code> - <Supplier Name> (sample: S21 - ABC Inc), but now the format is changed to just <Supplier Name> (sample: ABC Inc). Is there any way to get back the Supplier Code? Code is simpler to deal with when we have to share data with others, or do any sort of excel based recon.

Exports only include information on screen. Supplier codes are not shown, and there is no way to change what is displayed in a primary tab listing except when setting up a custom field to show as a column.

Have you tried creating a custom report with the data you want. The new custom report module is quite powerful and becoming more powerful, so may actually simply your spreadsheet work.

Note table copy extensions are available for web browsers and Manager (including the desktop version) can be opened in a web browser of your choice.

@Tut Understood. Just that, in earlier versions the information on screen also contained supplier codes, and hence the exports got them too. Some change happened recently which removed it. Was just curious if that could somehow be added back on a case-to-case basis. Adding custom field for this doesn’t make much sense since it would be redundant data and more manual effort. Will figure out some other way for this.

@Patch Thanks for the suggestion, but don’t want to use extensions for this. Will give the API a shot, maybe there is some way to get exports using the API.

No. As I already said, the only way to add anything to the tab—and therefore to exports—is with custom fields.

I agree.

What ever you find works for you is fine. API could probably achieve the same but will require a significant investment of your time.

For me I find it easier to

  • Open desktop version of Manager
  • Create a custom report containing the data I want
  • Use one of the links in Manager to open in a new browser window
  • Select the content of the custom report and copy it
  • Open a spreadsheet and choose paste unformatted text

Which gives me the data from the custom report in rows & columns
Note using Managers copy to clipboard only works in some spreadsheet programs