Purchase Invoice Expenses Account Box Empty = Not appear in "Summary"

hi, i searched a little but couldnt find an answer for that.

I write down every invoice i take from suppliers.

When i go to “New Purchase Invoice” i fill all fields normally except the Account Box (i just leave ti empty and add a description). When i go to summary i cant see anywhere theese expenses.

So it is required to fill the “Account” box to see the results in “Summary” tab or is there any other way?

Thank you.

Every transaction in double-entry accounting requires at least two accounts to be involved: one for a debit and one for an offsetting credit. If you are not familiar with this, I recommend a self-education effort. Accountingcoach.com is an excellent web site where you can learn about double-entry accounting for free.

I believe you will find your incomplete transactions in the Suspense account. Manager doesn’t lose anything, but if you don’t tell it where to put things correctly, it will put the transaction into Suspense waiting for you to complete it.