Proposal: Account Analysis (over time)

Let me first mention that I know that the topic of graphical reports and dashboards have been discussed in this forum previously. I do agree to most of what have been said to defend the present solution. And yes, I love Manager…

Having said this, I do however have a proposal for a new feature (under “Reports”) which I believe would be extremely useful, yet (hopefully) relatively easy to implement. For lack of better words, I call this “Account Analysis over time”. (I’m sure some of you out there might have a better name to propose.)

I foresee this feature as follows;

  1. The user is asked to “Create New” reports (just like with most of the present reporting functions)

  2. When a new report is created, the user is asked to select i) any account (from his own chart of accounts), ii) a start date, iii) an end date; and iv) to give a name to this new report (e.g. “Cash Analysis 1/1 - 31/12 2016”)

Just like with Profit and Loss statements and similar, the user can create any number of reports which he later can “View” or “Edit”.

When “Viewing” a report, the system will prepare a simple “Line Chart” (with “time” on the x-axis and "amount’ on the y-axis) which shows the selected account’s balance over the selected time interval.

Especially for Balance Sheet Accounts (like e.g. the “Cash balance” or “Accounts receivables”) this would be very valuable information in order to analyse performance and/or cyclical behaviors in a simple and easy way.


I am in support of the proposal by AnBe.

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