Projects' Direct Cost Includes Purchase Orders

Here, this is the detail of the project’s direct cost…so I create 2 purchase orders, then the purchase orders are getting invoiced and the invoices were paid.
The direct cost should be only from purchase invoices, not purchase orders + purchase invoice

Is this clear?

From this screenshot it is clear that you did not use the Copy to Purchase Invoice function in view of the PO because the descriptions differ. You first need to copy to invoice and then in view invoice create the payment transaction. All this is explained in the guides and I would advise to create a test business and follow the guides to the letter.


Dang…this is what I’ve been wondering for, how come we need to create purchase invoice manually again, turns out there’s a copy to purchase invoice option. Sorry, I read the guides, but the guides on Creating Purchase Orders just mentioning copying to new purchase order, so I thought it’s just a way to create new purchase order by copying from another purchase order. I didn’t realized that it can be used to copy to Purchase Invoice


Sir, I have tried copying the purchase order to purchase invoice…but it is still calculated double in the projects. Any other suggestion?

It would not. You just joined this forum 2 days ago. I advised you to create a test business and follow the process to the letter. This is not a problem of the program and you should use the guides rather than the forum to learn how to use the basic Manager functions.

But it is, I literally have tried created the Purchase Invoice from Copying the Purchase Order and on the Projects Tab, the direct cost are still accumulated from Purchase Invoice and Purchase Order.

Here, the Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice are both calculated, causing a double cost. This Purchase Invoice is created by copying from the Purchase Order

This is the test business that I use, and I have read the guides again and actually, from this guide
the example suggest that we can create purchase invoice from many ways, we can create it from copying the purchase order, we can create it manually, or we can create it from copying the sales quote/sales order, so there are many workflow to create purchase invoice…so I don’t think the method from which we create the purchase invoice will determine if it will be calculated again in the Projects’ direct cost

Another thing is this, take a look at this report generated from Projects
Suspense is amount from Purchase Orders
Harga Pokok Penjualan is amount from Purchase Invoice

So, shouldn’t the suspense amount be removed if the Purchase Orders’ status has been invoiced?

You show a suspense account. You must correct that first as it is the key signal for an error in your accounting. Go to summary view and click on the blue amount next to suspense and figure out where each entry there should have been allocated to.

The suspense account is created automatically when we create Purchase Order. There is no suspense account in the summary. It can only be seen when we create Projects.
Go to Projects, create new Project, then we can view the report. Whenever we create Purchase Order, it will be placed on suspense, because we cannot assign it to any account in Purchase Order.

Btw, have you got no problem on Projects? No double calculation on direct cost?
As for now, I think the workaround that I can do is not assigning items in the Purchase Order to a Projects. But I hope there will be a better way than this

Something isn’t right with your case, can you show the edit screen of one of the POs?

I suspect they’re not POs but retitled Purchase Invoices, right? Because POs have no effect on the General Ledger and shouldn’t have an effect on Projects either.

Here’s the screenshot, this is on the Purchase Orders Module as you can see from the title above

And this is the screenshot of the front page of the Purchase Orders, as you can see, the status of the Purchase Orders is invoiced

Your screen shots are inadequate. The status shows the purchase order has been invoiced. You need to show evidence it hasn’t been. When you discover it actually has been, show the Edit screen for the invoice and related payment.

Okay, here we go

Step 1: Creating Purchase Orders, uninvoiced, the Projects tab shows direct cost (there’s different amount because of VAT)

Step 2 : Copy the Purchase Orders to Purchase Invoice, assign it to Account Harga Pokok Penjualan

Now the Purchase Orders’ status has been invoiced

And on Projects, the cost has been doubled


The Purchase Invoice hasn’t been paid, so I can conclude that the report derived from Purchase Orders for Suspense, and Purchase Invoice for Harga Pokok Penjualan

You need to look towards the beginning of your process rather than the end. In Step #1, after entering PO220401, you already have accumulated direct costs for the project. But purchase orders have no financial impact whatsoever, anywhere in the program. So, somewhere else, you had already entered either a payment or purchase invoice and assigned it to that project. To discover where, drill down by clicking on the direct cost figure. The program will display the transactions contributing to the direct costs.

You’ve also been told you need to clear the Suspense account before doing anything else. You apparently have not done that. So drill down on the Suspense balance and show the result. (You also contradicted yourself in post #10, where you said, “The suspense account is created automatically when we create Purchase Order. There is no suspense account in the summary.” Either Suspense is there or it is not. It is where Manager stores mistakes until you correct them.)

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Tut, look at this post

I have shown you the direct cost details, it shows amount from Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices, no other places that contribute to the direct cost.

I think you misunderstand Projects’ report and Summary, the Suspense is not in Summary because we are not creating Account called “Suspense” in Chart of Account, but when we create Projects, the Projects automatically generate report. And when we create Purchase Orders, the report in Projects will automatically generate Suspense. Here is for example for a new Project that I created, let’s say it’s Project A,


Then we create Purchase orders and assigned it to this Project A


Voila, now we have a Suspense on Projects’ report generated by creating Purchase Orders. How do you explain this? I’m amazed you don’t understand this, or have you never use Projects module before?

Can you please show a summary shot of the whole equity part in the Summary Screen of Manager (the opening screen). You can blank out the amounts relating to capital and net profit / loss but should leave the suspense account there. As @Tut explains the suspense account gets created by Manager every time you do something that is not allowed in Manager and you must fix it.

Like I said, no suspense account in Summary Screen

@iman, I don’t need to read a post I already read. But you need to follow the troubleshooting steps I outlined. Do not just keep repeating the same insufficient information.

Which one is insufficient?

Detail of direct-cost? I already gave it
Evidence of purchase order hasn’t been invoiced? I already gave it
Show the edit screen for the invoice? Already gave it also
Clear suspense account? I already gave a screenshot of new Project where there is no suspense account reported there, and as soon as I created Purchase Orders, suspense account showed up.

Then drill down on its balance and show the result. I asked you to do that six posts ago. You need to understand that anything that appears there comes from something you have entered. I am trying to understand that source.

Okay, again here is the report of Project A with Suspense showed up, we cannot click on the Suspense as it is unclickable right


Project A direct cost showed up

Then we click the direct cost link, and the drill down is this, it is from Purchase Orders

On summary, no suspense account