Program crashes on mouse click and hold

GIVEN navigate program in any window, WHEN I click on most of the buttons and hold left mouse button THEN program crashes immediately, sometimes even freezes the computer. No error message displayed however. This affects UI and UX when I want to abort some action, etc.


Manager 18.11.12 desktop on
Debian 9.6 x64 with
Linux kernel 4.18.0-0.bpo.1-amd64
Cinnamon 3.2.7

What Manager Version, Operating System, at which part it crash? from the Summary Page? Does it show any Error Printed after the crash, if yes can copy paste or upload the screenshot?

Did you manage to replicate the bug?

I could not test it since I’m using windows. if it windows I can verify it.

Well, you can try virtual VirtualMachine or smth. The problem is now a couple of versions old and is still crashing the program. Someone has to fix that.

The question is - why are you holding the left mouse button ?
Its this action which appears to be causing your issue.

This is common sense: you click, then you want to cancel the click, so you move away from the button and cancel the click. This should be fixed as it seems to be ridiculously stupid bug.

Then this seems local to your computer, as I can do the actions as you describe and have no issue.
Nor is this situation being reported by other users.