Profit or loss report

hi all before in reports specially in profit or loss the track name it was shown now no can i know why or what to do to show the name and thanks.

Nothing has changed with the Profit and Loss Statement since you joined the forum. Everything that showed before still shows. Can you provide screen shots showing your Edit screen for a Profit and Loss Statement you think does not display correctly? Also show a screen shot of the header portion of the resulting report.

this is

no track name

You have not provided either thing I asked for. You have shown the listing of reports you have created.

In Profit or loss report when i create new report i chose it was shown the track name but now when i create one not shown meant track name not shown how i will know from the report if i make more thank one track name.

ok thanks i must write the name on description
thanks it’s my mistake thanks for best program and best people.