Profit & Loss

I am using your software for my company accounting purpose. I have 2 queries, kindly guide me.

  1. Can I download and use 2 software on the same laptop?
  2. We are working on 3 projects. How can I get profit & loss statement, expenses etc of every project separately?

Hoping for your kind reply,

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Malik Aurangzeb

Yes, if you change the application name, but you do not need to, and I would strongly recommend that you not do that. Manager can keep records for as many different businesses as you want. The business data is not stored in the application, but in separate data files. Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Use tracking codes. Read this Guide: Manager Cloud. Understand, however, that tracking codes were really intended for different company divisions, not project accounting. The meaning of a profit and loss statement for a single project is going to be questionable, because you probably have many expenses that apply to multiple projects simultaneously.