Production Orders - Enhancements

The current Production Orders feature need the following enhancements:

A) Bill of Materials.
This will enable a “recipe” to be created for a single unit of output and then allow that “recipe” to be selected within the Production Order and be multiplied.

A BOM capability for handling multiple outputs would also need consideration

B) Multiple Outputs
To cater for those situations where you have only a single input (one raw material) but have a multiple of outputs (finished goods) produced from that single input.

Or, where you have multiple inputs and also multiple outputs within the single production process

Initially, you would have the output costings done on a pro rata basis based on the units produced.
Later this could be expanded to allow the user to modify the costings apportionment.

C) Inventory Location
That an Inventory Transfer like process be incorporated where Inventory Locations has been activated.

D) Production Order - Edit Mode
That the Inventory Avg Cost values be displayed.
That the gross values of the PO be displayed.
That the Item Description be displayed.

E) Production Order - View Mode
That any “added non-inventory costs” entered be also displayed.
That the monetary values of both the Inventory and the non Inventory be displayed.
That the Item Description be displayed.
As the Production Order is a type of Journal (transferring values) it should show those values.

F) Production Order - Cloned
That any “added non-inventory costs” included in the original Production Order be also shown in the cloned Production Order

G) Production Order BOM used to create an Inventory Kit
Once A) is an implemented feature then the ability to create an Inventory Kit from a BOM could occur.
A tick box, “this production order BOM can also be a Inventory Kit” which creates the kit listing.

H) Production Order Report

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Can I add to implement it with inventory locations of multiple bills of material?

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Do manager going to emoluments this idea anytime soon?

loved this idea

I think the multiple output is the feature missing now

does manager going to update production order like the way you suggest anytime soon ?

Enhancement schedules are not announced in advance.

I came across this few thing which are small but really important and thought would like to share with the forum. Please guide me if I am Wrong or missing out on something.

It would be a nice Idea if we can save the formula / format of production for eg: (Inventory A + Inventory B = Inventory C and additional cost of production.

Also I have notice that when I select Additional Cost of Production and add Items like labour expenses created under expenses shows up in negative in the summary which calculates -(-x amt) = + x amount so ultimately it add up in profit which in actual needs to be deducted.

Also the additional cost of production gets the % feature then it will be much easier to calculate the total production cost.

Also we need to know the aging time of our inventory to clear up the old stock. This can be done by implementing batch numbers to a corresponding date. And also notify expiry on date.

Also if manager shows profit/loss on every particular Sales Order just for reference which will not be printed.

And last but not the least “A big thank you for this amazing Software. Works like a charm.”

That is what the Bill of Materials described above does.

Yes, as it should. When you pay labour that cost gets expensed to the wages account - say 500.
Then if you do a production order and add additional labour cost - say 40, then the wages in the P&L becomes 500 - 40 = 460. As the 40 has been transferred out of the P&L and is now sitting as part of the inventory cost - when those goods get sold then the 40 will be transferred back to the P&L via the Inventory Cost account.

Manager does not distinguish lots, serial numbers, etc. Implement your desires with physical inventory management, not accounting transactions.

I am been following this topic for quite long time and waiting for this wonderful idea. Does manager going to implement multiple production order lines. Manager has improvised lots of things but not working out on production order.

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Are we going to have an update soon to handle byProducts (Multiple Finished Items. This kool software has it all to manage my Rice Milling business except this…em looking for this feature for quite some time now…thanks

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as an immediate improvement,

  1. can the production orders show the finished inventory item name under the Description column as a default? when viewing the list of production orders, there is no way to easily identify the production order wrt the finished product and the Search too is somewhat inefficient due to this.
  2. a space allocated for Notes when creating a production order?
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That will not be compatible with the promised enhancement for multiple finished items. But you can enter the item in the description field.

Add a custom field. Make it paragraph type. (Notes fields, where they exist, are actually just predefined custom fields.)

multiple finished items can be shown as ; semicolon separated. which would still show the item when using the Search function.

this is ok and is a simple solution. but since there is going to be some improvements, why not have a default filed for internal Notes. just a suggestion.

Possibly true. I don’t know what might be involved if there is a long list of finished items from a single production order. That could cause layout problems. (I don’t know.)

I wouldn’t expect this to happen. @lubos has previously expressed his aversion to adding form-specific features that can already be handled with custom fields. That’s why custom fields have grown in flexibility over time.

I did try multiple production order by ; semicolon but did not work. Can anyone explain how it could work. Thank you

that was just an idea… it is not implemented…


  1. can the Inventory Location be shown as a column when viewing the Production Orders list?
  2. can the quantity produced be shown as a column which totals at the bottom of the list?
  3. can the list show what has been produced as a column?

i understand there are lot of improvements to be made with the production orders tab but it would be helpful to the users if minor improvements like this are implemented as and when suggested rather than waiting for a release as a whole.


#1 makes little sense, because items may have been transferred or sold since being produced. Use the Inventory Quantity by Location report for this.

#2 would also make little sense. Currently, only one item can be produced, so the quantity shown is the total. If multiple output production orders are implemented, why total dissimilar items? What would be the use?

For #3, it will if you put that in the Description field. If multiple outputs are implemented, what would you show?