Problems with reference numbers

Several problems with reference numbers have cropped up with introduction of themes:

  • The program is back to displaying a # symbol in front of reference numbers on almost all forms. This inconsistent formatting was removed quite a while ago, but is now back. It happens on every form except delivery notes and journal entries.

  • A # symbol is displayed on expense claims even when the reference field is blank.

  • Order number does not display on purchase invoices regardless of whether one is entered.

  • Priority numbers on productions orders do not display.

These issues should be fixed in the latest version (16.11.19).

Just one comment on reference numbers. I believe reference numbers always had # prefix. There was a space between # and the number to make it look better. I can see the space has been lost when switch to new theme framework occurred. I’ve added space back and all reference numbers should have # prefix now.

This was not universally true. Some did and some didn’t. The two most important forms, sales and purchase orders, did not. Here are some examples from Guides written shortly before the change:

I am not sure about all forms, but the # prefix disappeared from sales invoices by the point when you eliminated the Sales Invoice Template option under Settings for legacy businesses, because until then, I forcibly overrode the # with the code for a space. Yet all my sales invoice paper copies until the themes change was released are without the symbol.

While consistency is good, the # symbol is old-fashioned. I don’t see it on any financial document I receive.

I see your point now. I remembered it wrong. The latest version (16.11.27) doesn’t show # prefix on reference numbers across all documents.