Problems Emailing Delivery Order

Have set the smtp, etc but upon clicking Email for Delivery Order,
It ended The operation has timed out.

Is there any setting, i should make on the server?

When you use custom SMTP server with SSL, there are actually two ways how SSL connection is established. STARTTLS (port 587) and SSL/TLS (port 465). Manager currently supports STARTTLS only so if your SMTP server expects SSL/TLS connection, you will get message The operation has timed out or similar.

The solution is to try uncheck SSL option and change port to 25 or keep SSL checked and set port to 587. Obviously turning off custom SMTP server is also solution but it’s better if you use custom SMTP server for deliverability reasons.

In future, Manager will include support for custom SMTP server on SSL/TLS but I don’t have any ETA.

Yes, turning off custom SMTP server works quickly. Thanks Lubos.