Problem creating PDF from Invoice


At first i want to thank the creators and people who make work so well. I use the program for serveral years now and i’m pleased with it.

Now for the first time a have a little problem. I think i read a bit more about my problem on the forum, but i’n not shure.

When i create an Invoice, normaly i make a PDF file from it, to send to my customer. But when ik click on PDF now, the program shuts off and i return to the starting page of manager. I made a screenshot,maybe that helps.

I’m using macOS Catalina version 10.15.7
Because of some macOS Big Sure problems i did not go with that version up-date.

Could anyone help me with this?

I cannot reproduce this problem with the exact same versions of macOS and Manager.

No problem, like magic this morning it worked like allways.
I was allways a happy user, now i’m even more happy!

Thanks for trying Tut!