Printing issue

Hi, following issue. When i use PRINT in the menu then the page i print is all empty. This was ok so far and i don’t know why now have this issue. (see screen shot 1). When use also PRINT but on mac use then make pdf file, on screen all ok but when print page empty??!!

so then i use all same but use then PDF in manager, then i print, then the printout is ok (see screen shot 2). Problem is when i use PDF on manager, then all design is not ok anymore. The last weeks and month i always use PRINT and so far no problem

not sure why this issue have now, use manager 18.1.53

thanks, Dietmar

It looks like you are using a custom theme. When you do this, you are responsible for the results. Edit the transaction to use the built-in Plain theme. If things works that way, the problem is with your own code.

yes i use custom template and this since more then 1 year, so far every time this was ok but since the last days, weeks this is a problem. Just say you are responsible for it and thats it is not very customer friendly. If i use plain, it is the same problem

Are you on windows or mac?

mac 10.13.3

Maybe @ShaneAU can help you…

but the problem may also be with your system… Have you tried direct printing a webpage from your browser?

Just did a quick online search using the text in your error message.

Are you using a HP printer? This looks like a printer driver issue.

For example:

Try upgrading your printer drivers.