Print Crash Mac with 19.10.23

I upgraded from an old version (I think v17 but I can no longer open the app) to 19.10.23 because the old version hung when trying to scale the print size.

The new version is the same or worse. To reproduce:

  1. open a P&L report
  2. press print
  3. set Scale: 90%
  4. Click Pages “From 1 to . 1” radio button

App crashes with error message below. Must kill app to recover. (clicking OK in the dialog does not work)

MacOS 10.12.6

19.10.23: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at (wrapper managed-to-native) ObjCRuntime.Messaging.bool_objc_msgSend(intptr,intptr)
at AppKit.NSPrintOperation.RunOperation () [0x00018] in :0
at Eto.Mac.Forms.Controls.WebViewHandler+EtoWebUIDelegate.UIPrintFrameView (WebKit.WebView sender, WebKit.WebFrameView frameView) [0x00064] in <40cf9fb13364488fbbd299fdd3972553>:0
at (wrapper managed-to-native) AppKit.NSApplication.NSApplicationMain(int,string)
at AppKit.NSApplication.Main (System.String args) [0x00040] in :0
at Eto.Mac.Forms.ApplicationHandler.Run () [0x00047] in <40cf9fb13364488fbbd299fdd3972553>:0
at Eto.Forms.Application.Run (Eto.Forms.Form mainForm) [0x0002c] in :0
at ManagerDesktop.Program.Main (System.String args) [0x00344] in <2935b9671e4041a5b3e07271691ca37b>:0