Possible to add some Preset Query button in Custom report?

Is there possible to add in some preset query button/ tab so that user does not need to type in those frequent used Query. For example, these are a few Queries that i frequently use.

SELECT * FROM SalesInvoices WHERE Description == "Office renting”
SELECT * FROM SalesInvoices WHERE BalanceDue > 0
SELECT * FROM SalesInvoices WHERE CustomerName == “ABC”

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Sounds like a very good idea to save time, I however think that a query button may be impossible, what may be possible is saving a custom report like the reporting style existing already.

The user will click on New Custom Report which would be saved and editable. The user can add more New Custom Report .
So after clicking on custom report, the user will click on a saved custom report or create a new one like we do for balance sheet, cash summary, Profit and loss etc

Why do you need custom reports at all, @Annie_Wong? Your first query can be handled by entering “Office renting” in the search field of the Sales Invoices listing. The second might be handled by the Aged Receivables report, where you can drill down on balances for each customer and see what is still owed. The third query sounds like a Customer Statement, which can be generated for either all transactions or unpaid invoices.

Please understand, I am not saying you don’t need the custom reports. I want to be sure you are aware of the built-in searching and organizing features already present.