Possible bug - can't edit scripts within themes after update

Manager version 21.3.36
I have translated theme. When i try to edit it, then its not possible to do that.

Also when i try to open reports > Customer Statements (Transactions) > Set Period then i have also some strange view.

You’re tens of versions behind.

There’s been reports of a similar bug that have already been solved.

Try updating first and see if the problem persists.

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problem presist.
Manager version 21.3.75 64bit windows server

error comes when using javascrip for translating
we have such javascript bottom of template (worked in earlier versions ):

i tried a simpler script and the same error. It is not possible to change the template after


You are trying to use javascript within Liquid - not html.

Google it to find the correct syntax as I think that may be your problem

i take this simple script from here - How to add Javascript Shopify Tutorial
Step 5.

and script working, but template not editable any more

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That was mentioned in a bug report, I think - maybe check them Bugs list

Who is conducting this discussion? @gunnar.michelson or @raivodc100? It is impossible to help when we cannot tell who we are answering and who is answering the questions asked.

Let’s go back to basics with @gunnar.michelson’s original message. What do you mean when you say it is not possible to edit a theme? Exactly what did you do and what happened?

Regarding @raivodc100’s post on using Javascript for translating, Manager does not implement all Liquid capabilities. (Remember, as @Joe91, already said, themes are written in Liquid, not HTML.) And I wonder why you are going through the trouble of trying to write Javascript. Why not write the translated portions of your theme in plain language?

What does that mean? What template? (There are no templates in Manager except for email.) As I asked @gunnar.michelson, what did you do and what happened. Please do not make us guess.

Sorry for not mentioning at the beginning that me and @gunnar.michelson are working together.
This is the same problem.

Ok, Themes, not templates.My mistake.

The script worked in custom theme at least until version 21.1.52 64bit win server.
Unfortunately, I can’t say exactly what manager version was last, where script worked.

Now, if custom Theme contains script - can´t Edit this theme anymore.
Screenshot from @gunnar.michelson first image
But if we now use this custom theme for invoicing, then the script will work and do its job.

Best regards,

That does not explain what you did. That screen shot displays results of unknown actions.

Sometimes we need (with user @gunnar.michelson ) to send invoices in another languages, so thats mean, that the invoice and e-mail have to be in the same language (english, german etc).
Our main language is estonian.
For this we have custom theme with translation script at bottom of theme. With this script we can translate not only invoice, but even e-mail what we send from manager.
Manager dont have options translate e-mail templates or choos different e-mail template for such invoices. Right?

This script works couple years without problems least to manager version 21.1.52 64bit windows server. Was possible edit such Custom Themes where was this script.
Now, after some update this year, script still working, it means script is translating invoice and e-mail Subject and Body, but custom themes where is this script, is not editable.
Screenshot from @gunnar.michelson first image.

Scrip looks like this:

Every client (not 2-3, but much more) wants their own style theme and transleting with this script was copy/paste function to custom theme (which took 10 seconds or less). We dont need modify whole theme, which takes considerably more time than 10 seconds.
And of course clients wants translated themes sometimes late, not if we initially adapt the theme to them.

Best regards

Now it’s clear how this might be a bug.

Just to confirm:

  1. You have been using scripts in themes just fine for 2 years
  2. During that period you were able to edit those themes with scripts in them, as expected.
  3. After the update you are not able to edit those themes, instead you get this error

Yes, exactly!