Possibility of BS (Bikram Sambat) calendar format

Hi All,

We use BS (Bikram Sambat) Calendar format in our country (Nepal). Which is presently 2078 BS. Every time I make entry, I have to look for AD date and make equivalent entry. Is there any possibility to add this BS calendar format in Manager ?

The developer has addressed this question previously in the forum:

Thank you

I’ll put this into ideas on the basis that I can see the way how this could be implemented.

Thank you for this consideration

@lubos can you please check below link once. I think it will make adding BS calendar date picker to the manager a lot more easier.

hello!! did any of this manager team have develop Nepali date feature in the software? If they can make this change i can say they will get more customer from Nepal.

As you can see the subtitle indicates it’s still in the ideas category, which means it’s not implemented yet.