PO form


I have configured the PO, but unlike other documents it won’t show position 5 and more on the printed document. Plz see PDF file. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wvwd9v402ohg6rf/AAB1LbmfnGgWCeH_07in_s2ma?dl=0

Moreover when opened in the program it won’t show more than 3 positions. Although you can see that I have 5 positions added as customs field.

What do you think can be a problem?

Another question because all the customs fields are arranged on the left side of the document, there is enough space remains on the right side which could be good to place other customs fields. Is it possible to use that space as well so that to save pace and paper J?


Babek Karimli

Please do not send private messages with questions about the program. Yours has been moved to the public forum.

Showing only completed views is usually not helpful. You need to show the Edit screen for transactions.

I suspect you have no content in the custom fields that do not display. If fields are empty, they are suppressed. Otherwise, you would have meaningless headings floating in space.

Custom fields can be positioned with custom themes. See the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/17100.

For your approval signature field, see this Guide for an example: https://www.manager.io/guides/13392.