Plz consider staff loan management

Plz including staff loan management and fix asset management option plz consider my humble request

Both are ready available.

Check out the Guides under the Asset Registers heading.

Also check out Guides concerning Payroll. You would post the loan to the Employee clearing account for the employee. Repayment would be via a payslip after creating a Payslip item for loan repayment: Manager Cloud.

I need lot of fixed assets maintain for staff own inventory method some times staff transfer to other branch this time transfer to fixed inventory other staff name I need this option

Then create those fixed assets under its own Control Account using the staff name, if staff change then you can just rename the Control Account staff name to suit.

Another way is to define a custom field for fixed assets called Staff name. Set it up to show as a column. All fixed assets will then be in a single account on the balance sheet. If assets are reassigned to other staff, use the Batch Update function to change the assignments. During the process, use a global search and replace while in the spreadsheet phase of updating. See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

This method will be much less work to set up, result in a simpler chart of accounts, make it easier to find and depreciate fixed assets (because they will be in one account), and yet be about the same amount of effort to update when staff assignment changes.