Plz check the accountants link on ur website

some malicious activity has taken over your website. i being a user from india i checked all those accountants list given in the website out of 4 2 turnout to be fake and out of the two one turn out to be a female escort service. kindly check and remove.

. The first seems to have a wrong phone number of some one and apparently the last one is a escort service. The other two guys B4ALLB4U and HUSSAIN are checked and genuine for i have called them for help a few times. plz do check and remove

I have to agree that most of those links are pretty useless. Unfortunately, there is a little notice at the bottom the page that says:

Accountants create their own profiles with their services and qualifications. We do not review these profiles.

Despite this, that last one should most definitely be removed as it’s outright abuse.