Php call of inventory


I have the same problem, api offers a .gz file to download. On Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


Can you check the latest version (18.8.7) whether it fixes the issue?

By the way, there is new API in Manager which allows to access everything, including reports, tables within tabs etc. Documentation will be available very soon.


Is it already available?


yes as he said. u have to check if it is what u asked.


Checked, worked, this gives us great potential!


I updated but, at first sight, I don’t see those differences from the previous APIs. Maybe there is a different URL or I don’t find them.


URLs of new API are different.


Can we get the URL in order to see a preview?



Ok now we have been able to manipulate API inside php!!!
But we can not create new invoices or orders because:
When choosing the Customer we can not know the Unique Id that is given automatically at the creation of the new customer.

Is there a way to get the Unique Id of a specific customer?


These are the old API


Old? Is there sth new? Please help.