Personal purchases through business account

I often make personal purchases using the business credit card, currently I just have an account listed as Misc but it comes up in the profit and loss statement. Should I change this so it shows up as wages instead?

Are you a sole trader or a corporation? If you are a sole trader, then those purchases should be allocated to your BS Equity section, use Drawings if this is set up. If you are a corporation then your “Misc” account should be a BS Asset account called “Private Purchases”’ Either way your P&L wont be affected as they aren’t business costs.

Do you reimburse the business? As a sole trader there is no need to reimburse the business as Drawing is another name for wages. For a corporation you can either reimburse the funds by Receiving Money and allocating to Private Purchases, of if you use Payslips - then use deductions and allocate to Private Purchases.