[pdf rendering] text-transform error

When using text-transform to change “invoice” to “INVOICE”, the preview is correct, but the exported pdf is not

can you explain what you are trying to achieve with screenshots?

I’m using: <span style="text-transform: uppercase;">{{ title }}</span>

Instead of Using “Span” … Use “td”
<td style="text-transform: uppercase;">{{ title }}</td>

not all styles work when generating pdf.

try replacing your title with {{ title | replace: "Invoice", "INVOICE" }}

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it will not work in the internal pdf generator.

oh… that I just check it by PDF. yes you right its not work…

Yes This is the option when you want only Invoice in Uppercase … But if you need all the {{title}} in Uppercase then…
Use the Following Method.

Checked and verified by Internal PDF generator.
<td style="font-size: 34px"> {{ Title | upcase }}</td>

font-size given is for example…You can change the font size as per your requirements.

Ah thanks, | upcase works.