Payslip reference numbers are being sorted as text


You have not shown enough of the list to know what is going on. But your reference number order suggests you have sorted things. #10 is also future-dated. Show the entire list in default mode.

I had assumed Manager was doing a text sort on a number field as has occurred in other places

No, the default sort is by date, with most recent on top. Here is an example from a test company:


If this was a text sort, the 10/23/2018 date would be at either the top or bottom (depending on sort direction).

@Patch pointed out to me in a private message that you were probably referring to the # column, @acecombat2. For some reason, since you furnished no explanation, I thought you were complaining about the Date sort, especially since the future-dated payslip was in red.

I will move this to the bugs category.

@lubos, sorting of the reference number column is, indeed, a text sort rather than a numerical sort. I thought all those had been changed some months ago.

yes @tut, I’m sorry for not describe it earlier, as I was rushing finishing tasks on hand at that point of time.

I’m pretty sure the topic itself hinting sufficiently plus the image. and again I am sorry. Thanks @Patch for realizing.

Fixed in the latest version (19.9.16)

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