Payslip Items allocation - ACCOMODATION

Good Day I have a problem possibly not entirely related to MANAGER
I have an employee from whom I deduct the basic cost of accommodation, this is a form of payment in kind, this deduction is a 10% Value of the salary, now my problem is where should I allocate this deduction? this is actually my cost as Employer towards the employee and this is the portion I recover from the employee, at present the allocation is toward payroll Liabilities.
Could you tell me where I should put this?

If the Employer is paying rent to a third party, then the deduction would be allocated to the same expense account that the rent payment was allocated to.

If the business owns the accommodation, then the deduction is allocated to an income account as its income to the business - just as it would be if the rent was being paid by a third party (non-employee)

Thanks @Brucanna for the information, I was thinking in the same way just wanted to make sure. Now could you tell me how to move the charged amount to my income? at present I can only allocate this deduction to PAYROLL Liabilities or to any other liabilities. Should I than transfer it to income site from it? or is there other way of doing this?

You have two options:

  1. create a specific liabilities account - Accommodation Recovery - which is used on the Payslip Deduction Item and transfer the balance once a month via a Journal to an income account - Rent Received.

  2. create a Payslip “Earnings” Item with the account Rent Received and enter the amount on the Payslip as a negative and it will post directly to the income account.

thanks a lot @Brucanna