Payroll Report to show Deductions and Contributions against Payments

I want to create a report that will show the Employee Deductions (2627) and Employer Contributions (2631) to their respective GL accounts and show in the report when payments are made to Canada Revenue Agency and the amounts applied to the GLs. Sometimes we don’t pay enough or pay too much and want to see where it was short so I can pay against a specific employee payslip.

I started to create a report but I already have a problem with strange dates appearing on the first page (screenshot attached). I am also attaching a screenshot of the report I am working from.

I am not looking for someone to do the work for me but I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction please as I have to learn this because I want to create more custom reports. Thanks!

@noopykat try changing the Accounting method to “Accrual basis”.

Change the Credit line to “TransactionAmount” while you are trying to set-up the custom report. You can change it back after you get everything working.

Sorry, I don’t see what you are pointing to. Please explain.

I tried changing to Accrural Method and changed the Credit line as suggested but I still get that first few pages of amounts as in the screenshot. Sorry, I managed to figure out the “strange dates” and didn’t realize I left it in the post.

I thought there was a way to change the orientation of the report to landscape but I can’t see an option anywhere. I’m sure that if I could do that, I could understand the relevance of those amounts.

Add another line in the Select section and choose “Account” so that the report shows the account where each credit is stored:

Because you have not applied any filters, the report is showing credits to all General Ledger accounts.
Use filters to exclude unwanted accounts from the report. This is done in the Where section. For example, to exclude the account “Sales”:

You will have to add a line for each unwanted account. When typing the name of an account you must respect the capitalization (“Sales” and “sales” are not the same account for the Where filter).

Before modifying your custom report, you should review the guide: Create custom reports