Payroll Module

We currently are using a company to do our payroll. Should we still setup the payroll module in Manager to track payroll expense or is this double work since we get reports from the company.

It would be double the work - just take up the entries per the reports and payments

Hi Brucanna,

Im confused by your email, would clarified.

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@Pres depends on your staff number, payroll in Manager is very manual so if your staff strength is not huge then you can do it on Manager.
You will have to work out all pay heads or pay slip items on excel and enter them for each staff. I would do it for staff of 10 but find an alternative for staff numbering more than 10 to rule out errors when doing payroll under pressure

It would be double the work if you were merely duplicating what the payroll company had already done.
To reflect the payroll in Manager use the report’s total figures in entering the payments made.