PayPal Integration Over API

I am exploring idea to build PayPal integration for server-edition, however not sure what would be the best way to approach it.

I am thinking of:

  • Running parallel service to and communicating over API
  • Service Base and independent
  • Slow due to missing search functionality in API, we need to load all records one by one to check existing transactions etc
  • Second service maintenance
  • API has no backward compatibility and way to know about interface changes

Anyone has any suggestions or remarks?

I’m happy to add searching to API if it helps make this more efficient.

Yes API search would make life much easier.

Would it be possible to have some kind of API Schema version, so that it would be easy to query if changes on schema happened, therefore changes in plugins need to be implemented? Usually it is done by maintaining compatibility for couple months allowing 3rd party applications to cache up and then deprecating old things.

I do have need for PayPal and e-commerce integration and in long term it would be nice to have banking integration and maybe expenses submit from mobile apps, other users probably have other needs.

Do you have any vision how you want extensions and integrations to work?