Payment PDF


is there a way to add source account name to payment pdf docs?


Only be using a custom field.

There has been some discussion on this topic in the forum previously. The design principle is that Payment receipt is for the supplier and that they do not need to know where the payment was coming from. That is a decision internal to the business and the suppliers do not need to know

you can pay to supplier… but you can pay for electricity too, and is there that i miss it.

Sorry, maybe I misunderstood your question - when you said “source account name” do you mean the account from which the payment was made, ie bank account, cash account or the name of the person/company to whom the payment was made?

The name of the payee is always shown as long as it is entered on the payment for payments made without an invoice and is always shown where the payment is made to a supplier’s account


A payment receipt is usually given or sent to the supplier so there is no need to state which account the payment came from.

What do you do with your payment receipts, that requires the name of the source account?

I archive a copy together of electricity bill, in the future i have to search in all account to know where the payment was made

If your electricity supplier is not entered as a supplier but you just record the payments as you make them - you can use the search function in the Receipt & Payments tab to search for the payments to the electricity supplier if you enter his name in the Payee or Description field of the Payment transaction

If your electricity supplier is entered as a supplier, then the account can be found easily in the supplier account tab

If you mean, that you are searching through the archived paper records, then yes, you would not know unless you write the account on the payment form as you archive it.

I don’t archive the payment form with the invoice - I just mark the invoice as paid and write the date, cheque number and account.


I don’t use paper, just digital pdf…

So only way to this this now, then is to create a Custom Field for Bank Accounts called Bank A/c Identifier, for example and click the Show custom field on printed documents. then for each bank account, enter an identifier.

This will then be printed at the bottom of all the payment forms