Payment in front, order lost, no refund

I did make a payment in front in Customer credits.
Now order is lost. Seller is refusing to resend order or refund payment.
How to handle this lost of payment in Manager?

If you made a payment, it should not be in Customer credits. That is a control account used for money you receive, such as when a customer pays more than they should against a sales invoice.

If you are saying the transaction is lost in Manager, check Suspense. And also look under Bank Accounts to see if you have a record of spending money.

But if you are saying the physical goods you ordered are lost in shipment, that is beyond the scope of Manager. That is a problem to solve with the supplier and the shipping service. If you cannot resolve the problem, the expense is still a legitimate business expense because you spent the money for your company’s purpose. The situation is not much different from buying a new kind of office supply, but discovering after you try it that it doesn’t work the way you hoped it would.


sorry, my mistake, i did mean supplier credits.
Okay, so payment stays open in supplier credits?

What you do will depend on how you solve the problem. Did the supplier ship what you paid for? If so, you probably need to work with them to trace the shipment through the shipping service. They should be able to prove they shipped it. If they can’t, they owe you the goods or your money, obviously. Unfortunately, you may have to go to court to get it.

If they say you didn’t pay, you should be able to prove you did through your bank.

In any case, this isn’t a Manager issue. Assuming you made the correct entries when you originally paid, you should do nothing in Manager until there is a change in the financial situation. Then, what you do will depend on exactly what has happened. Sorry to be so vague.