Password can not be removed from SMTP credentials

There does appear to be a problem with Manager supplying credentials when it should not! It seems that once you add a username and password, you can’t fully remove it. See the images from my previous post.

And the way I know the password is not empty is because the form shows the asterisks as placeholders instead of nothing. (the html source has code to show asters if the password is not blank)

data-bind="textInput: NewPassword, attr: { placeholder: Password() != null && Password().length > 0 ? '********' : '' }"


So there is at least one bug in that you can not fully remove the SMTP credentials. Once you have added a password, you can only change it but not remove it. This happens in the DeskTop version as well as Manager-Server.
Manager versions:
DeskTop - 20.8.25
Linux Server - 20.8.40

The latest version (20.8.51) will remove the password if you make the username blank.


Thanks @lubos I have confirmed its fixed in 20.8.53