Orphaned UUIDs in custom reports

Few of my custom reports which were created by earlier versions still working fine, can view the report, but when I go to edit it, I see instead of account names something else are there. Could anyone let me know how to find what those machine codes/may be some ID means?(I want to know which account name I selected there)

These are orphaned UUIDs for things that no longer exist in your data file or have had their names changed. No one can tell you exactly what they were. I have seen this, for example, when a custom field previously existed and was used in a custom report. If that custom field is later deleted, any custom report that referenced it shows the old UUID instead.

In your case, since everything you’ve shown is an account, you may have changed account names, deleted accounts you found you were not using, and so forth. It is also possible that changes to automatically generated accounts are responsible. For example, flexibility in creation of tax liability, depreciation, and amortization accounts in recent months could have played a role.

To rebuild such a custom report, ask yourself what you were trying to exclude with all these filters.

Thank you Tut for your detailed reply. But I didn’t change any account name. It might have happened while version update made. This may not be a big issue, I just informed here if it may be a bug or something.

Thank you.

OK. As I said, this could be the result of changes to the program. Since you insist you have not changed anything, it looks like something may be happening with an update script. In other words, not a bug with actual operation, but an unsatisfactory result from the update process. Still, I will put this into the bugs category so it gets attention.

This can happen if account is deleted. Renaming account won’t cause this - you will see on custom report new name, not its UUID.

I don’t consider this to be a bug. Even Windows 10 will still show Account Unknown rather than not showing it at all.

When audit trail is improved, you will be able to find out what the account was called originally. However I should add Unknown prefix in front of UUID like Windows does it.