OR operator in Custom Reports

I am trying to generate a custom report where a custom field is one of 2-4 values.

I have a form custom field called “Order Status” on sales orders. I would like to generate a report showing all orders that are either a status of “Processing” or “Approved” and I cannot find a way to do that.

You cannot in a single report. The “where” arguments are applied only with the Boolean AND. You will need to run more than one report to get OR.

Would where is not Open AND is not Closed work assuming Open and Closed are the other two states?

It might. Give it a try, @VISA-MC, and let us know. I was focused on the fact that the only Boolean operator for multiple criteria is AND.

“Is Not” is not an option. There are only “Contains” “Is Empty” “Is Not Empty”.

Sorry, couldn’t remember the exact syntax available

How have you defined your custom field - can you post the edit screen where you have created it?

It is a drop down field printed on documents and visible as a column. I can post a screenshot later when I get back to a computer.

No need - the only choices for text type custom fields (single line text, text and drop down list) are “contains”, “is empty” and “is not empty”