Options | View, Clone, Print and PDF

It is requested to please add view, clone and PDF options in all tabs.


The PDF function is no longer actively supported.

Cloning applies only to viewable records, not tabs, and is already available everywhere you can view any record.

What is your use case for being able to View your fixed asset example? All information is already available in the Fixed Assets tab list without further action.

Agreed, that’s the reason it is request. Please add, acquisition and disposal date on the view tab too.

Clone is the efficient tool to create multiple items quickly and just change needed things.

Use custom fields set to show as columns if it is important to you to see the dates in the tab listing.

Why there should be a need for custom field as both the information is entered in system even disposal date is entered in fixed asset items details.

Sometimes assets are purchased in several steps - for example purchase of item, cost of installation, cost of commissioning costs - so it is not always possible to have ONE acquisition date

Agreed, but once all initial cost occured; it is capitalized and depreication is accounted accordingly. Both these dates are also required for tax and audit purposes too.

The dates are already recorded. You are asking about modifying how something is displayed. As @Joe91 already told you, a single date is not appropriate for every situation, so modifying the program’s standard display would limit many users.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that what might be convenient for you would work for others. The program already provides you the ability to get what you want. That is why it includes custom fields.