Optional Field under Chart of Accounts

Can someone explain to me what the “optional” field is for under the chart of accounts?

I have an expense account and subcategories under that one account. I want to print out a report just for two subcategories. How do I do that?

Your question is a little bit confusing. There is no field named Optional under the chart of accounts or on any screen. Many data input fields throughout Manager show the word Optional in grey by default. This only means that entering content in that field is optional.

When creating or editing an individual account, the Code field shows Optional by default. This field allows you to enter an account code. See this Guide:


Can you explain further what you mean by this? Accounts do not have “subcategories.” Accounts can be assigned to Groups, however.

The answer, and whether you can do what you want at all, depends on what you want the report to show. As a first step, click on the balance for an account in the Summary. You can export the listing and manipulate the data as desired in a spreadsheet.

The optional field with the heading Code, when creating a chart of account is used to position the account in a different order to an alphabetical order which is the default order.

EG- if you had a COGS group, the default order of the accounts would be
Delivery Charges
Export Freight
Inventory - Cost
Warehouse Wages

But you may prefer a different order, so by using a numeral code you can create your own
Inventory - Cost - 1
Warehouse Wages - 2
Export Freight - 3
Delivery Charges - 4

i have one project called Woodland Hills ( which I labeled Woodland Hills under tracking code) but under expenses I divided it into too categories one for draw 1 and one for draw 2. I can pull up a report just on Woodland Hills but Is it possible to pull up a report to compare just draw 1 and 2?

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Not sure why you would do that, why not have just one expense category and two tracking codes WH D1 & WH D2, then you can produce both aggregate and comparison reports.

That’s what I figured I have to do is create separate tracking codes in order to make a comparison on the reports

Regarding this question…Besides assigning each transaction a different tracking code (WH Draw 1, WH Draw 2, WH Draw 3) under the same expense category (Woodland Hills), there isn’t any other way to be able to print out a separate report for each draw unless I rename the tracking codes, correct?

I have another question. Is it possible under the expense category of Woodland Hills Draw 3A to print out just the expenses for one of the accounts (ie. Framing)?

I am trying to figure out if I there is anyway possible to print out detailed reports of expenses and not the whole expense category.

Thank You

No, the P&L report allows you to select one tracking code or multiple tracking codes in the one report (plus aggregate of all tracking codes) without any name changes.

To see the transactions within an expense category for a single tracking code, produce the P&L report and click on the blue balance for the category - tracking code (Sales - WH D2)

If you are using Windows OS, to print a report of those transactions - right click on the screen and click print. For other OS, use screen capture or click export button at bottom right corner (may need to scroll down) and import into spreadsheet programme.

Thank You for your answers.
Under the Chart of Accounts I divided our Project Woodland Hills into Expenses Categories according to Draws. So I have WH 1 2 and WH 3A and WH 3B. I also changed the tracking codes (instead of just woodland hills ) for these expense categories to relate so the tracking codes match (WH 1 2, WH 3A, WH 3B). I want to know when viewing my P&L report for Woodland Hills if I can view it all in once column for woodland hills or am I only able to view it according to the tracking codes I created?
Is there a way to have a tracking code for one project but then have sub tracking codes if I only want to view certain things under that one project? For instance I have my woodland hills project I want to view all my expenses at once, but I also want to be able to view certain expenses under the project

You cannot have sub-tracking codes.

You can view the P&L in accordance with how you request the report.
a) If you want to only see the total, then don’t enter any tracking codes.
b) If you want to only see tracking codes, then only enter tracking codes.
c) If you want to see both - then do both.

Your P&L screenshots seem to show these options working.

The problem I have with your screenshots is that they are showing different information.
The detail shown in your “Expenses” groups can’t be seen in the P&L reports so its hard to see what you are referring to…

If the above hasn’t answered your inquiry why don’t you post screenshots of your Chart of Accounts (then you can ignore the hiding of figures) and of your tracking codes listing - then it will be easier to understand your situation

Can I have a combined profit and loss of more than one tracking codes? So instead of viewing each code in a separate column I want to be able to combine them all as one total. Originally I had all the expenses listed under one code (woodland hills project) but then we divided the expenses for woodland hills according to the draw amounts and renamed the tracking codes according to the draw amounts. Now I don’t have any numbers under “woodland hills project” . I want to be able to view all of woodland hills project as one total instead of viewing them but each individual code.

You can’t do that. As you have been told, there is no possibility for sub-tracking codes, which is effectively what you are asking. You get the business, or a tracking, or multiple individual tracking codes, but not consolidated tracking codes.

But if you don’t want to look at results for the separate tracking codes, why have them?

I want to be able to print out reports as detailed as possible. Our business takes on lots of projects, which we list under the chart of account each project and their expenses. Our woodland hills project is broken up into different a few expense categories. We wanted to know what is the best way and if possible we could view the PL for our Woodland Hills Project as a whole or because of the way we broke it down only by their tracking codes? If you have a suggestion for us on how to do this please let me know. Thanks