Option to Skip during merge

Can we please have an option to Skip, during product merge?

The below 4 products are not the same - by which I mean 1 & 2 are same, but 3 is different and 4 is different.

Now unless I merge these, i cannot proceed with future merges, though there may be some that are required. Please help & create a skip button to skip merges when necessary.

To avoid the merge problem modify the Item Code - Cabinet-1, Cabinet-2

@thauseef, the purpose of the item code, if used, is to provide a unique identifier. It is not meant to divide inventory into categories. They are not required, but Manager gives them priority. So, for example, if codes are different, Manager will not identify items as duplicates, even if their item names are identical. But if codes are not used, two items with identical names will be identified as duplicates.

Some businesses have use for item codes, others do not, depending on the variety and number of different items in inventory, as well as complexity of their names. If a code is used, it will show on invoices.