Online Access


Im setting up a property management business using manager IO. We have many landlords and i have set it as special account under trust fund payable.
Is it possible that the landlord could access online and see the ledger of their accounts?


See the Guide: Create users | Manager. Depending on exactly what you want landlords to see, you may not be able to restrict permissions sufficiently.

Could this be possible for the restricted user to see his account only who is under special accounts " frust fund payable"

I suggest you try the free cloud edition trial: Cloud Edition | Manager. Create a test company (or import a backup of your real one). Run experiments to answer all the questions that may come up. You will probably have more than this one, because you likely are not thinking of all possibilities that might occur. Have several people try to break the system and see if you are satisfied with the results.


The version is for all accounts in special account. Is it possible to have permission to his account.
Do you have any suggestion?

suggestion was already provided to try experimenting with the free cloud edition trial. it is always easier to test your practical requirements and understand them yourself than making others understand your needs.

Im using and subscribed now for icloud and it is the same.
Otherewse i will not send this message again