Offer for one week only

Offer for one week only
the first show
stock class A
Piece…1X1…=2.5 SR
Dozen…12X1…=57.5 SR
Carton…12X4X1… =96.12 SR
Bale …4X12X4X1…=230.4 SR
… …
second show
stock class B
Price for 1 piece = 3.5 SR 1X1
Price for 5 pieces =10.95 SR 5X1
How is this implemented by the manager?

If I understand correctly, you want to offer a package or bulk discount?

You should consider using Inventory Kits; Use inventory kits | Manager

Hello @alwakeel

make these Inventory kits
1 Dozen Of A priced 57.5
1 carton of A priced 96.12
1 bale of A priced 230.4
and then sell all these.
and for

make inventory item B with price 3.5
make Inventory kit Which includes Five A’s And priced At 10.95.

Try The above solution.