Number formats for different companies

is it possible to have different number format for every company? i have one company in USA and one in Europe where both companies use different number format, and every time i issue an invoice i have to change the number format

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@dimifak, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours is not related to limitation of number formats in the cloud edition. So it was moved to its own topic.

Number format is a global preference and cannot be set business by business. Separate Manager installations would be required for that, which could easily lead to confusion and more problems than it would solve.

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As @Tut said, it is currently global preference but it will eventually become per-business preference. There are some technical reasons it will be better even if it affects usability slightly.

The latest version (20.10.95) makes it possible to have individual businesses to have their own number formats. See: Global "Preferences" tab is being removed

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I’m planning to move to the US, this is an interesting example!