Notations on Invoice Lines

If I’m wanting to make a notation (e.g. “Warranty Replacement” or similar) currently, the line shows up in the Suspense Account.

Although there’s no dollar value on the line (or transferred to the Suspense Account) I’m just wondering if I was to set up either income or expense account and just call it “Notation” would it work OK without causing problems elsewhere ?



What are you actually trying to achieve?

  • paper document to give your customer
  • record decrease in stock
  • record cost of providing warranty replacements

Why not add it to the line description field?

I would use a “normal” invoice line priced at $0.00 so that the stock movement is recorded

The line following, (as in my query) is just a notation that I make on the invoice so that the customer knows what has been supplied and that it’s a warranty replacement at no charge.

That’s exactly what I do.

I add the warranty info into the description field on a blank line but as I’m not selecting an account for the line item, the invoice shows up in reports as being “suspense”.

Not a major problem as there is no dollar value against the line item but the transaction does get added to your suspense “report”.

@scannerangelaust, you are currently using a line item as a layout tool. But Manager treats every line item as a general ledger transaction. That is why these end up in Suspense. They are incomplete transactions because they have no account designations.

The correct way to record a transaction like this is to issue a sales invoice for the inventory item, but edit the unit price to be zero. Put any warranty information into the Description or a custom Notes field. But do not let that information stand alone. You must select the inventory item so the quantity will be reduced and its cost in Inventory on hand will be transferred to Inventory - cost. Be sure to also create a corresponding delivery note if you are using them.