Not categorized

Is it possible to create an icon with copy to clipboard at the bank accounts under the heading ‘uncatorized rules’. So that I can put those rules into excel.

Your question is not clear. Exactly where or during what process are you referring to?

Maybe you know what i mean with this picture

What you ask is not possible. Your first screen shot shows a screen that is part of a structured process for categorizing transactions that were either:

  • Imported from a bank statement without being assigned to an account, or
  • Manually entered incorrectly without an account for a line item.

That process is coded into the program. It is a method for fixing mistakes. It is not a list of bank rules or bank accounts. You cannot interrupt that process to copy to the clipboard. And, if you could, you would not have a list of rules. You would have a list of transactions for which no existing rule worked or on which you made a mistake. You will also probably find the same transactions listed in your Suspense account (Tussenrekening in Dutch).