My settings does not have a button for setting up a non-inventory account.

I had to down load Manager because it crashed so I would think I have the latest version.

Is there another update?

Ellen New

version 19.7.23 has non-inventory account in settings.
Which version are you using?@eqstrn ?

make sure you download only from the official website. it is always the latest.

read the relevant guides on updating your Manager version.
for Windows Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager
for Mac Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager

read the guide Create non-inventory items | Manager

Are you referring to non-inventory accounts or non-inventory items? The Guide you have been linked to is for non-inventory items. If you are trying to create an account to post non-inventory items to, read the Guide on how to add an account.

I want to set up the non-inventory items. I have been to the guide and it says go to settings and select the non-inventory icon. There is no icon.

Yes there is, exactly as shown in the Guide.

I had to re-down load the program last night because it crashed with this error,Manager . I down loaded from the official site so I would assume I have the latest version. Where do I find the version number?

Read the Guide: Determine version number | Manager.

I just found the version number. 19.7.27.

Version 9.7.27

So, @eqstrn, you are almost up to date. The current release is 19.7.28, but the change would have no effect on non-inventory items. Have you found your way to entering new non-inventory items?

I went to your suggested down load site - Download | Manager and am now on version 19.7.31.
It still does not have the non-inventory items icon.

Not under settings.

Are you sure you are looking under the Settings tab in the Manager window, not some settings feature of your operating system?

I updated again and now I’m on version 19.7.31. The icon is still not there under settings.

Yes, I am looking at the Manager Settings. The only reference to inventory are Inventory Kits and Inventory Locations.

@eqstrn, I personally just updated from v19.7.28 to v19.7.31 (4 versions released in the last few hours). Non-inventory items is right where it has been since first being introduced several years ago. Read and follow the Guide: Create non-inventory items | Manager.

The only reason it might not be there is if you do not have any tab enabled that would use it, such as Receipts & Payments or Sales Invoices. But then, you could not do any business.

I went to the custom setting and enabled the two you suggested an now it is there.

Thank you so much for your help.

Problem solved.

Ellen New