Non-inventory item custom field not recognised in cash basis custom report

Custom report with these parameters set:

Output when set to “Accrual basis” is this:

Output when set to Cash Basis is this:

The issue is that the non-inventory item custom field is not being recognised when a Sales invoice receipt (or purchase invoice payment) has been used.

@lubos if this is easy to fix I would appreciate it. If not, I will workaround it/live with it and move on.

Post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the receipt on 09/07/2020.

I am not sure how this will help, but here it is:

If that is the entire transaction, there is no custom field, which is what I wondered.

The custom field is embedded in the Non-inventory item. It does not appear in the transaction.

Whether or not the report is set to Accrual basis or Cash basis it is extracting the information from the sales invoice ( as both report types provide the dissection line items).

So my reference to the sales invoice receipt has confused the issue. The presence of a receipt against the sales invoice only determines whether the sales invoice is to be included in the Cash basis report (the relevant information is still extracted form the sales invoice).

If the Accrual basis report can extract all the information from the sales invoice, why does the Cash basis report extract all but the Non-inventory item custom field information from the sales invoice? (The Non-inventory item is named “Category” in this example).

Cash receipts and cash payments (no invoice involved) report correctly in both reports.

The information is all there in the cash basis report except for the Non-inventory item of “Category” in the transactions referenced to the sales invoices.

Same thing happening when Non-inventory Item “Description” is included as a column:

Accrual basis output:

Cash basis output:

It appears to be happening with most, if not all, of the Non-inventory item data.

I think @lubos will be quickly able to tell if there is an easy fix to this issue.

@AJD please check the latest version (21.1.46). The issue should be resolved.

Awesome! Issue resolved. Thank you.