Newcomer questions

Hi. My name is Marko and Im from Serbia. Im coming here because im transioning from using GNUCASH to Manager. And usage is internal informal (no need for tax/vat tracking, etc) keepeng tabs on bills and invoices and such small stuff fr my boss. Now i need some questons answered.
1.First im noticed is premade vat/tax for Serbia is wrong. PDV (ПДВ) rate od 8 % is changed to 10 % as long as 2015 year. Not that make any difference for me.
2.How is that loan recived is tracked? Made new A/P named loan? Or there is another way?
3.Very cool feature for me is i can attach scan of any document to any bill/invoice i enter. But having it first scanning and then attaching it to entered bill/invoice is a bit pain in … Can it be done directly from program? I have HP scanjet attached and other programs that import from scanner use hp scanning software that is alredy installed. If is not possibile Id like it to be a new requested feture.
4. How can edit/set that first day in week is monday not sunday? I

Sory for somewhat bad english

1 - Thanks for advising change in VAT tax from 8% to 10%
2 - Under Settings > Chart of Accounts you can create an account with name that suits
3 - Not direct from programme.
4 - Don’t think you can